Why You Shouldn’t Buy Facebook Fans

buying facebook fans

With so many websites out there selling Facebook fans and page likes, it has everyone thinking that if they invest the money, they will have a successful Facebook business page. This is not true.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Facebook Page Likes

Websites that advertise the ability for you to purchase fans for your Facebook business page are not a good investment of your money. Sure, you can get thousands of fans quickly, but it comes at a price. The price you pay is not just monetary — you also sacrifice conversions, engagement, reach, and you can easily lose the likes you just bought.

Loss of Conversions
The Facebook fans you purchase are not customers that are looking for what you are selling. Often times, they are fake Facebook accounts. Even if they are “real” people, they aren’t in your target demographic and you lose out on focusing on real people that are actually interested in your service or product.

Loss of Engagement
As mentioned above, the Facebook fans you buy are not going to ‘like’ your posts, comment or share. They may only be online to like other pages to earn a quick buck. Dropping in engagement means you can post until the cow comes home, but no one cares and you start to lose credibility with your real fans. If I go to a page and see they have 10,000 likes, but no activity on their posts, they instantly lose credibility in my eyes.

Loss of Reach
Facebook limits the organic (free) reach of a post for business pages, and when you buy Facebook fans, you do not want to waste the free reach that you DO get on people that will not result in conversions or engagement.

Loss of the Purchased Fans
We’ve seen it before. A small business buys Facebook likes and catapults into to over 5,000 fans. 6 months later, they are back down to under 1,000 and when you look at Facebook insights, only a small fraction are ever on Facebook. It is a waste of money and there are no guarantees that the number of your page likes will stay at the number you purchased.

Loss of Integrity
The Sales Lion states, “Online consumers aren’t dumb.” We couldn’t agree more. People are searching for legitimate businesses with real reviews and they can tell if they are fake. I mean, come on, a small business that started last month has 5 digit likes? And no engagement? In this online world, there are so many frauds out there so don’t spend your hard earned money to look like one. The Sales Lion sums up this point perfectly in this article.

What About Buying Fans Through Facebook?

This is a different approach than buying Facebook fans from a third party. When you advertise your page and gear the advertisement towards page likes, you can pinpoint the demographic and really narrow it down. It’s a long process, and you can’t get thousands and thousands of likes immediately, but you benefit from using this method as opposed to a third party website selling fans. Your Facebook fans are more likely to get engaged, increase reach, appreciate your posts and your integrity, and you are more likely to get actual conversions than with a third party website.

Want free Facebook fans? Nothing in this world is free, and you can’t get free legitimate Facebook fans overnight, but you can do it on a budget if you have patience, work hard, and aren’t willing to sacrifice the whole goal of having a Facebook page for your business. If you are on a tight budget and want to legitimately increase your Facebook fans, check out our Facebook for business posting tips.