Why Isn’t My Site On The First Page of Google?

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You put a bunch of money into having a website designed and built, only to notice that it doesn’t even show up on the first page of Google search results! Frustration ensues and you begin to wonder what went wrong. There are a number of reasons why your site is not showing up in the top 10 results (first page) of search engine results.

Your Site is Brand New

And by ‘brand new,’ we mean within at least the first 6 months of your website launching. You see, Google looks at the age of a website as one of the hundreds of ranking factors. Older websites rank better and new websites will typically take 6 months to start ranking well (assuming you have excellent search engine optimization on your website).

Also, if your site is brand new, it my not have been indexed by search engines yet, which means they don’t even know your website exists yet! Check to see if Google indexed your site by doing a Google search for: site:www.yourdomain.com (replace ‘yourdomain’ with your actual domain)

If your website does not show up in the search results, you can submit it to Google by using Google Webmaster Tools or by submitting the URL here.

Your Website is Lacking Quality SEO

If your website is older and you notice you are still not on the first page of search results, or even notice your website dropping in the rankings, it’s simply due to the fact that you do not have quality SEO.

We say this all the time  SEO needs to be ongoing. You can’t expect to rank well without SEO or by having SEO work done on your site one time and letting it sit for the entire lifespan of your website. Why not? Because your competitors aren’t letting their SEO sit. It’s a competition and it is never-ending.

You’re Targeting the Wrong Keywords

You want to target keywords that people actually search for when looking for the types of services you offer. And these keywords need to be placed in the proper HTML tags of a website for them to be effective for search rankings.

Sometimes we see clients with newer websites focus on vague keywords that have a high search volume, but also very high competition. High competition keywords are keywords that pretty much everyone in your niche are targeting, especially the huge brands that you can pretty much guarantee you will not rank above because often, their internet marketing budgets are much higher than yours. You want to target keywords that have a lower competition and you can actually rank well for.

Age of a website and poor SEO are the most popular reasons why websites do not rank on the first page of search results. Need help getting ranked higher? Contact us today!