Why Ongoing SEO is Important

Google Search Results - SEO is Important

So you launched a new website, it’s fully optimized and doing great. But you may notice your search engine rankings slowly declining over time. Why does this happen when your website started out doing so good?

Google hasn’t seen fresh content on your website

Google likes websites that are updated frequently and provide new & fresh, informative content. If you let your site just sit as is, Google eventually will not find your content relevant or up-to-date and will decrease your ranking in search results. This is where Blogs come in handy. A simple blog on your website provides fresh content, drives traffic to your website, and will help you show above your competitors in search results. If you take away one thing from this Blog, let adding fresh content to your website be that thing.

You can’t ignore the numbers

Consistently checking your own analytics and comparing your success and failures against your competitors is a constant task that should be done. If you target certain keywords and have had great success with them in the beginning, your competitors may notice and also start to target the same keywords. They may even jump above you in search results. Keeping an eye on this will help you to quickly adjust your own content to rise up again over your competitors.

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint

SEO is not a one-shot deal if you want your website to continually perform over time. Search engine algorithms are changed and website SEO strategy must also be adjusted or changed in order to keep pleasing the bots and search engines. These bots are continuously updated (some major, some minor) to penalize websites for certain practices and reward others for great SEO. Make sure your website is the one rewarded by choosing ongoing SEO.