5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Fan Page

Improve your facebook page

Setting up a Facebook fan page for your business is just the beginning step in increasing your brand’s visibility on Facebook.

1. High-Quality Images

Your profile picture should represent your brand and be visible as small square icon, as it shows up that way when you post and comment. Using a simple graphic instead of text will make your logo more recognizable, or have high contrast text that is easy to read. Your cover photo should be at least 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels high. Again, this should be visually appealing and you must also consider the display on mobile phones. Your business page name will most likely cover any text when viewed on a mobile phone, so make sure the text you have isn’t an important special or deal or you will need to move it so it’s visible on every device.

2. Information About Your Business

All of the information you are able to enter can now be found under the “About tab” (previously it was located under settings). Fill out as much as possible and make sure it tells the viewer what you do. The “Short Description” section is what people see when they view your timeline. Keep it short and to the point. It’s also a good idea to add your website URL here. Otherwise, people on mobile devices have to know to click “more” and then “visit website.” Placing your URL in the short description will increase mobile user traffic to your site from Facebook.

3. Post Creative and Informative Content

You don’t want to bore everyone to death or have them scroll past your posts. Use Facebook as a less formal forum to reach your customers. Give them a laugh and information. Listen to their comments and reviews. Do not over promote your products and constantly try to sell, instead think of Facebook as a place to create brand awareness and reach. Facebook is a great place to show your customers you care about them and their opinion.

4. Don’t Overdo the Hashtags

Hashtags are OK to use when used appropriately and only 1 or 2 in a single post. Increasing to using 3 and up will significantly decrease your engagement and reach. What words should you hashtag? Only relevant words that are specific to your topic. For instance, we like the hashtag #baconfire because it is specific to our brand. We do not use the hashtag #car because it has no value to us and it is extremely vague. A good example is if you post asking customers to post their pictures of them at your wonderful place of business, you would use the hashtag #yourcompanynamepics and invite your customers to use it as well. If we were running such a post, we would be using #baconfirepics. Another benefit of using brand specific hashtags is they could be used across other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, making it easier to track. In short, limit your Facebook hashtag use and make it specific to your brand and product.

5. Keep it Professional

I know, I know, we said to use Facebook as an informal forum just a minute ago. Don’t worry, this is still true, but believe it or not, we have seen companies get rude, dismissive, talk about personal stuff, and get downright inappropriate on their business fan page. This is not a good idea because it decreases your credibility and leads potential and current customers to think you just don’t care. Yes, we are stating the obvious, but you’d be surprised how often this does occur. You also want to respond to your customer’s questions on Facebook in a timely manner. This will mean the difference between them choosing your business, or getting tired of waiting for an answer and going to your competitor’s business.