How to Get Your Business on Google’s Map

Follow this 2015 walk-through to get your business listed on Google’s map and increase your company’s online visibility. That’s not all, you are also adding a high-quality backlink by placing your business website link on your Google business page, and getting your business on a social media platform – Google+. Even better, it’s all 100% free!

How to get on Google maps

Overview – About Google Maps

In the example above, we did a search query for plumber Ontario, CA and this is what returned in the results from our search. Above the Google map results will almost always be Ads , as well to the right below the map. We won’t be covering these ads today, we will be covering the fabulous free ability to get your website and business listed in the map and the lefthand list you see in the screenshot above. If you take the time to do some searches based on your business you can check out what the listings look like and what your competitors have entered into their profiles to stand out. So, for our research, we would search for keywords such as website design Upland, CA or SEO Services Ontario, CA. You can also test it out using your location on your mobile device. If my smart phone shows I’m located in Montclair, CA and I do a simple search for web design, I would be able to see my competitors that show up and see what the results look like on a mobile phone as well. Now that we have an idea of how we want our page to look and who we are competing against, let’s begin.

Step 1 – Set up Your Gmail Account

In order to set up your business on Google’s map, you will first need to create a Google email account, if you don’t already have one. We advise you do not use your personal gmail account, but rather one that’s associated with your company, such as

Step 2 – Set up ‘Google My Business’ Account

To set up your Google+ for business, visit this link and select “Get on Google.” Sign in with your Gmail account. You will be taken to a map to search for your business name and address. Enter that information and see if anything comes up.

If nothing comes up, click “I’ve correctly entered the name and address. Let me enter the full business details.”

Google local map for business

If your business DOES show up, when you click on it, it will give you an option to either verify the listing (skip to Step 4 below), or (if someone else has already verified the listing) you can request admin rights from the person that has verified the listing.

Google business already verified by someone else

Step 3 – Enter your Business Information

First, you will be prompted to enter the basic business information – business name, address, phone and category. If you do not want your address to appear on Google maps (you work from home, you travel to your clients, etc.) make sure you select “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location.”

Make sure the address you enter is correct and you have available access to it. This will be explained in step 4.

If you chose the option to deliver goods and service to your customers, you will need to enter either specific zip codes or a mile radius. You can also select that you “also serve your customers at my business location” and your address WILL appear on search results, as well as covering the service radius you specify.

Google My Business Service Locations

Select Continue and you will see a summary and an option saying “I am authorized to manage this business and I agree to the Terms and Conditions.” If you do agree, check mark it and click continue. Your Google+ page for your business will automatically be created – thanks Google!

Step 4 – Mail Verification

Google will now prompt you to have them mail you a PIN code via US mail, or you can verify your business at a later date. Sometimes they offer verification by phone, and sometimes they offer instant verification via webmaster tool connection to your gmail account, but we will be covering the most likely scenario – postcard verification. When you choose to verify, Google will mail you a PIN code to the address you listed for your business and once it arrives (takes 2-4 weeks), you enter it into your business account profile. Instructions are included on the PIN postcard and the PIN will be valid for 6 months after it is generated. Your business will not show up on the map until verification is complete.

Step 5 – Set up Your Business Google+ Page

We now have a shiny new Google+ page that’s empty and waiting for us to add all kinds of neat stuff to it! OK, it’s not that exciting, it take work, but you’ll get through it quickly. Add a profile picture (keep in mind this isn’t the typical square ratio social media dimensions, this is a circle), add hours, tagline, information, photos – the more information you add the better and more complete Google will see your profile. This is also the info that will appear in search results so make it good! Make sure you also add your website URL and verify your website on Google+. This is great for SEO.

Google+ for business profile dashboard

If you need help optimizing your Google Business Page, or are interested in social media marketing services, website design, website development, or email marketing, contact us for a free quote!