6 Creative and Funny 404 Pages

You’re browsing a website and all of sudden you reach the dreaded 404 page. It can be very frustrating to reach a 404 Page not Found during your quest to quickly find something. Often, people will move onto another website after such an encounter. However, these brilliant web designers used the 404 page as a chance to further engage their visitors and add a little humor.

We present to you…

6 Creative and Funny 404 Pages!

1. GitHub

Nerd Alert — Star Wars fans will love stumbling upon this 404 page! The image ‘wiggles’ too when your mouse moves. I may have spent too long on this page…


2. Huffington Post

Puppy!!! Need we say more?!


3. Funny or Die

Oopsies. Sorry about that…


4. Scary Mommy

She knows just how we feel when we reach the 404 page! Hey, even crying babies are cute. (Yes, I have kids. No, crying isn’t cute. I lied.)


5. Constant Contact

We’re fans of the simple and sarcastic wording.


6. GameSpot

A fun old school game! Find the treasure chests and open them up for some humorous treasure. Addicting and funny!


Which is your favorite? Let us know of any others that should be added to the list!