Facebook Business Page Posting Tips

Using a Facebook fan page for your business is a great social media marketing strategy to connect with your customers and get them engaged. Far too often, we see many businesses make mistakes and not utilize this highly effective platform properly. We are providing tips for you to follow so you can use Facebook effectively for your business.

Don’t Over-Promote Your Business

You have to remember that many people are on Facebook to socialize. They ‘like’ Facebook fan pages not to have tons of advertisements shoved in their face every day, but to LEARN and LAUGH. When you do nothing but promote your business and ask for their business, you will lose fans and engagement. With Facebook ads constantly running through peoples’ news feeds, you need to stand out and offer something different or they will scroll right past you. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t promote your specials and offers, but don’t over-do it. A good rule to follow is for every 7 posts, make only 1 a promotional post. Leave the bulk of the ‘salespitch’ for your website.

Inform Your Fans

What does your business specialize in? For instance, one of our clients is a cake and candy supply company in Rancho Cucamonga, CA – Sweet Mercantile Co. They are very knowledgeable in cake decorating techniques and candy making. What we did was come up with posts that are “Sweet Tips.” This gives the fans information so they VALUE the company and see them as a useful and informative page rather than a ‘constantly trying to sale’ page.

Provide your fans with information and you become a valuable source.

Provide your fans with information and you become a valuable source.

Implement Your Brand

In the photo above, we implemented the brand by calling the tips “Sweet Tip” and using the logo as the basis for the graphic. Implementing your brand helps fans remember your company. Coming up with a creative game, informational post, or funny post that includes your brand can help increase your brand’s social media visibility. Use your products in a fun game or include your logo on an inspirational quote.

Implement your brand into fun games that create engagement and increase reach.

Implement your brand into fun games that create engagement and increase reach.

Keep It Professional, But Fun

Anyone can see your business page. Potential customers, existing customers – EVERYONE. Remember that your Facebook page represents you as a company. If you have typos, misinformation, or posts that are too personal, you will not be seen as a professional business and will lose credibility instantly. You don’t have to be so stiff, either. Keep it light and fun and allow your customers to see your page as an opportunity to get to know your business.

Don’t Ignore Your Fans

Whether they post a complaint or a nice compliment, acknowledge your fans. They took the time to reach out to you, it’s common courtesy to comment back. If you don’t, you can be seen as a company that doesn’t value the opinion of their customers or you are too busy to answer questions and they will move onto your competitor’s page. Let your fans know that you appreciate their feedback and that you will take the time to respond.

We hope these tips help you with your Facebook business page posts and remember – if you have fun with it, your fans will, too!

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