Easy DIY Internet Marketing Tasks

Internet Marketing Tips

Small businesses don’t usually have an extremely large budget to allocate for Internet Marketing. We like to work with businesses and help them make a punch list of items they can do on their own, while leaving the technical stuff to us. Here are a few Internet Marketing tasks that you can do on your own to help your company become more visible online:

Set up Social Media Accounts

One of the many benefits of having social media accounts is for SEO purposes. Create business accounts on social platforms and make sure you add your website address to the profile (and verify the domain when applicable). This will give you excellent link referrals from websites with high-domain authority. This is a very common and effective SEO strategy, although most social media platforms will you give you a “rel=nofollow” link (these tell search engine bots not to give your website credit for the backlink), there are some that will give you an actual “rel=follow” link! Search engines also recognize the activity on your social media pages, so get people engaged!

Add your Business to Review Sites

Adding your business to review sites, such as Angie’s List or Yelp can help your business show up in top search results, even if your actual website isn’t. Add your address, phone number and the most relevant business categories for your products or services. Every review website allows you to link to your website as well. You’re not just utilizing their excellent search result rankings, you’re also adding a link referral to help increase visitors to your website.

Write About Your Business – Often

Whether you decide to add this content to your website, or leave it to a web developer, it’s important for you, as the business owner or manager, to continue to write about your brand, products and services.  Updating your website is key to SEO and allowing you or your developer to have an arsenal of information to consistently add to your website is highly beneficial. This content can also be used for blogs, press releases, and social media (just be sure to reword it if it’s already on your website). Stay ahead of the game and have the content ready so you aren’t trying to scramble last minute trying to write something – anything – just trying to keep up. Many businesses get burned out this way and end up writing sub-par content that doesn’t reflect their brand.